Supplier Expectations

Verso suppliers must meet sustainability expectations.

Verso respects a sustainable balance among economic, social and environmental needs. In implementing this principle, some of our most important decisions involve the selection of suppliers. We want to work with suppliers that not only provide quality products and reliable service at a fair price, but who also share our commitment to a sustainable future.

We believe it is important that our suppliers meet certain sustainability expectations that are aligned with our own and those of our customers. As the basic foundation of our relationships with suppliers, we expect them to operate in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Beyond this, our expectation is that every supplier will responsibly address, and will require their own suppliers to responsibly address, each of the following business practices set forth below.

  • Environmental Management. Our suppliers will operate in a manner that minimizes harm to the environment and will seek to achieve continuous environmental performance improvement.
  • Environmental Transparency. Our suppliers will, upon request, provide us with information on their environmental performance.
  • Prohibited Substances. Our suppliers will not use substances that are widely banned or whose uses are limited due to health, safety and environmental concerns, without prior disclosure to us, and upon request, will provide details regarding the components of products supplied to us.
  • Health and Safety. Our suppliers will provide their employees and others working on their premises with safe and healthy workplaces.
  • Discrimination. Our suppliers will not engage in unlawful discrimination in their employment practices.
  • Harassment. Our suppliers will promote treatment of their employees with dignity and respect, and will not tolerate in their workplaces actions, comments, inappropriate physical contact, sexual advances, or any other conduct that is unlawfully harassing.
  • Association. Our suppliers will respect the rights of employees to associate, organize and bargain collectively as well as the rights of employees to refrain from doing so.
  • Human Rights. Our suppliers will conduct business in a way that is not complicit in any human rights abuses, including child labor, slave labor and human trafficking.
  • Corruption. Our suppliers will comply with all laws prohibiting, penalizing and otherwise addressing bribery, extortion and all other forms of corruption.

Our suppliers are responsible for monitoring and documenting their compliance with these expectations and their efforts to promote compliance within their supply chains. We reserve the right to investigate any instances of a supplier’s non-compliance of which we become aware.

The expectations set forth above do not replace or alter specific requirements in our contracts. Rather, these expectations are intended to supplement the specific requirements in our contracts. If a contractual term is stricter than these expectations, the supplier must meet the stricter contractual requirement.

Send an email to with any questions regarding these Verso Supplier Expectations.