More than a job. A passion.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility starts and ends with people. Each of us has a title and role here, but all of us share in our mandate to be safe, contribute to our communities and protect our environment.

Verso’s senior management team leads the way, developing corporate policy and directing strategy in all areas of corporate sustainability, from fiber procurement and product development to environmental, health and safety matters, and social responsibility.

Our director of environmental, health and safety oversees sustainability performance across the company, communicating with customers, government and non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders, as well as reporting our sustainability progress.

Our operational management is responsible for day-to-day sustainability performance and compliance at the mill level.

Verso subject matter experts are full-time employees focused in the areas of EHS, fiber procurement, energy, product stewardship, social responsibility and accountability/transparency. These experts work crossfunctionally to review and make recommendations for improvement on sustainability policies and practices, track performance in their respective areas, and contribute data and content to the company’s annual Sustainability Report Card.

Sustainability Policy

We are committed to operating our business in a sustainable manner that creates value for our employees, customers, communities, investors and other stakeholders.

We are truthful and transparent. We are accountable to our stakeholders, and we measure and publicly report on our sustainability performance progress. We have open dialogues on sustainability issues with our stakeholders and partner with them in a wide range of endeavors to promote and grow sustainability-related efforts across North America.

We strive for continuous performance improvement in all that we do. We go beyond compliance with laws, regulations and standards to which we voluntarily subscribe whenever possible, not because it’s required but because it’s the right thing to do. We expect our contractors to comply with all laws, regulations and rules.

We use raw materials, water, energy and other resources efficiently and manage our processes prudently. We develop products that provide our customers with environmental as well as economic benefits.

We manufacture our products with one of the earth’s few truly renewable resources—wood fiber from trees. We verify the source of the wood fiber we procure and use only fiber from forests that are sustainably managed to remain healthy, productive and biologically diverse for generations to come. We support third-party forest certification to credible certification standards and are committed to continuously increasing the amount of third-party certified fiber in our products. We help expand global forest certification through our participation in and sponsorship of a variety of organizations.

We are socially responsible corporate citizens. We are ethical in all our business dealings and treat everyone with respect and dignity. We provide safe and healthy workplaces for our employees and we actively participate in the communities where we operate.

Sustainability is the core of our business philosophy, and we manage it as such. Ultimately, sustainability is part of every employee’s job, and all of our employees are responsible for our continuous improvement in sustainability performance.

Sustainability Principles

  • Procure wood only from sustainably managed forests
  • Continue to improve the environmental and safety performance of our operations
  • Develop innovative products that provide both economic and environmental benefit
  • Partner with customers and other important stakeholders on sustainability issues
  • Continue to evaluate and report progress toward our sustainability goals

Supply Chain Tools

Environmental Paper Assessment Tool

Verso supports and promotes the use of the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT), an online resource operated by Sustainable Paper Group, an environmental consultancy specializing in sustainable solutions for paper and paper-based packaging.

We know sustainability is as important to our customers as it is to us. Through EPAT, customers can investigate and evaluate environmental performance at each of Verso’s mills and use EPAT data as a basis for more in-depth conversations with us. We collect and incorporate customer feedback into suggestions as we consider EPAT enhancements in both usability and data quality. Continuing to develop this tool is one more way we’re strengthening a vital dialogue.

Responsible Environmental Paper Sourcing

Verso is also active in the U.K.-based Publishers’ Database for Responsible Environmental Paper Sourcing (PREPS). PREPS is a joint initiative created by leading publishers to promote understanding of responsible paper supply chains. The PREPS tool focuses on responsible fiber sourcing, greenhouse gas emissions and water.