Sterling® Premium
Elevate your impact.
All that glitters is not gold.
Gold is not the only thing that dazzles. A shining example: Sterling® Premium, which delivers number-1-sheet performance for a number-2-sheet price. This promotion makes the case with a wide range of unusual, attention-getting print techniques.

Sterling® Premium. Think of it as a gold for the price of silver.

Print has power that digital communications just can’t match. The power of touch, of three dimensions, of graphics and imagery that jump off the page—try achieving that with a smartphone or computer screen.

Sterling® Premium’s “All that glitters is not gold” promotion demonstrates the power print can have when it’s on the right paper. Metallic ink, multi-level embosses, creative die cuts and host of other attention-getting, brand-embedding techniques in this piece show how this extraordinary stock can elevate your impact.

Sterling® Premium specification details here.

This promotion both demonstrates and celebrates the possibilities of print with special techniques and premium optics, and the No. 2 pricing of Sterling® Premium broadens the opportunity for brand owners to elevate their message.
TIM NORDIN // Verso Marketing Brand Manager

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