Sterling® Premium
Elevate your expectations.
The difference makers are the ones who decide the way things are is not good enough. That’s what Oru Kayak did, and the result is a revolutionary foldable kayak. That’s also what Verso did with Sterling® Premium—the first paper to offer premium optics at an economy price.

Oru Kayak showed the world what design can do. That’s what Sterling® Premium did—and does, every day.

With Sterling® Premium, Verso challenged, and then shattered, the age-old quality-cost paradigm in the paper industry, designing a new paper with premium print performance and pricing it like a number-2 sheet. And we didn’t stop there. A few years later, we upped the brightness and shade to a whiter-white 96 bright while staying true to Sterling® Premium’s economy pricing.

We saw an inspiring parallel in San Francisco-based Oru Kayak, whose founder was looking at a book on origami and decided to reinvent the kayak. This promotion tells Oru Kayak’s amazing story in a large-format brochure that powerfully demonstrates Sterling® Premium’s equally amazing optics and print performance.

Sterling® Premium specification details here.

When we were looking for like-minded companies that share the same passion and courage for elevating their brands to the next level we were introduced to Oru Kayak® in San Francisco.
TIM NORDIN // Verso Marketing Brand Manager

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