Productolith® Pts.
Create something great.
This beautiful promotion piece uses visually stunning hat imagery to demonstrate the versatility and other attributes that make our line of Productolith® Pts. such a perfect fit for so many different uses.

Productolith® Pts. wears many hats.

Productolith® Pts. is a bright, beautiful board, perfect for wide variety of applications, from packaging to point of purchase, tags to tickets, calendars to cards, whether for greeting or playing. With whiter-white, 92-bright optics available in C1S, C2S and caliper cover, Productolith® Pts. has a product for every purpose.

Handmade, high-end hats are a perfect analogy for the timeless, always-in-style quality and human, committed customer service of Productolith® Pts.—whatever your project, this is printability, production and service performance you can hang your hat on, every time.

Productolith® Pts. specification details here.

This promotion is a demonstration piece that showcases the breadth of applications that are beautifully created using Productolith® Pts.
TIM NORDIN // Verso Marketing Brand Manager

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