Quality of paper. Quality of life.
Liberty® offers everything you need from a web paper—breadth and flexibility, aesthetics and economics, versatility and worry-free runnability. This promotion ties that performance to what matters most in life.

Life, Liberty®, and the Pursuit of Great Paper.

Can paper quality contribute to quality of life? For paper specifiers and operators of web printing presses, we think it can. Smooth, problem-free runs and sharp, clean image reproduction make customers happy. And when customers are happy, everyone’s happy. Selecting Liberty® enables print professionals to do a great job, go home and enjoy what makes them happy after work.

That’s the point of the Liberty® promotion. Freedom from stress, freedom from problems, freedom from the unforeseen—freedom is Liberty®. And Liberty® is freedom.

Liberty® specification details here.

Liberty® is a clean, white, worry-free sheet that delivers just the right amount of contrast, making images and details really stand out.
ANGIE STROUD // Verso Marketing Brand Manager

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