Solid performer.
This promo demonstrates a simple truth: Anthem Plus® delivers superb printability in a complete range of weights and, with tri-certified chain-of-custody certification, quality with a conscience.

Anthem Plus® is the all-American. Put us to work.

Made in America with pride and passion, this 92-bright economy coated sheet is a solid performer and smooth finisher with a commitment to meet the highest quality standards. And it’s formulated to match Verso’s digital product, Blazer Digital®.

This simple promotional piece shows the results of Verso’s willingness to invest in constant improvement to deliver smoother-than-ever surface, consistent solids and snap-sharp photo reproduction.

Anthem Plus® specification details here.

Anthem Plus® is a great sheet that comes with Verso's superior service and immediate availability, which means our customers get what they need, when and where they need it.
TIM NORDIN // Verso Marketing Brand Manager

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