We’re the people behind the paper
We are Verso. Proud of the paper we make. Proud that it’s one of the most recyclable and recycled products on earth. We love to work—some of us come from families who have worked here for generations—and we love what we do. We care about quality. We care about our customers. We’re here to be the best in the business and determined to be here when you need us, now and 100 years from now.
We are Verso. The people behind the paper.

Learning Every Day

Cassie Bobart is driven to learn something new every day in her work as a Process Engineer at our Quinnesec Mill in Michigan, thanks to a supportive team always willing to take the time to help and her own passion for constant, continuous improvement.




More than a Job

Alex Patterson, Pulp Mill Coordinator at our Quinessec Mill in Michigan, shares his thoughts on growing up in the area, keeping jobs in the U.S. and how working here is more than a means to make a living—it’s a great place to build a career.