Come home to American made.
Cheaper imported paper has a cost. With a longer supply chain, it’s harder to get problems solved and completely understand the environmental impact. Supporting American manufacturing also directly supports American jobs. We’re the only U.S. coated paper manufacturer investing significant capital in our mills to produce graphic paper products. We’re here for you. And we’re here to stay. Come home to American made.




Doubling down.

We’re investing millions in capital projects at our two mills this year and preparing for 2022 growth initiatives. We’re American born and raised. Delivering the best in graphic and specialty papers. Investing to make the best even better.


American Made Paper = American Jobs.

The case for American made paper is strong. We make the world’s best paper, and we work hard to compete. That goes beyond quality and price. It’s a commitment to service. Problem? We’ll solve it with American pride and know-how. Fast.


The American pulp and paper industry represents more than 351,000 good-paying jobs.1 And that doesn’t even count businesses dependent on the paper industry and local mills, the latter of which often are the area’s biggest employer. But buying American is about much more than jobs. It’s about people. Putting people, your fellow Americans, to work. It’s why buying American paper is the right thing to do.

When you use American paper, you’re supporting American jobs. There also are other, less obvious reasons to buy domestic, including lower carbon footprint.2 Less pollution.2 And compared with some imports, better treatment of workers.2



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