Our Mills

We operate two North American paper mills in Michigan and a roll to sheet converting facility in Wisconsin. Our facilities are strategically located within close proximity to major customers, which affords us the ability to deliver our products more quickly and cost-effectively.

Escanaba Mill


Escanaba is a small community located on Little Bay de Noc in Delta County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Escanaba Mill began making paper in 1911 as the Escanaba Pulp and Paper Company. The people who work at the Escanaba Mill—the largest local manufacturing employer—take pride in their work, neighborhoods and natural surroundings.


The Escanaba Mill began operating in 1891 as the Escanaba Electric Street Railway Company before the Escanaba Pulp and Paper Company was organized 20 years later. For more than a century, the Escanaba Mill has undergone expansions and upgrades while continuing to be an influential presence in Escanaba and nearby communities.

830 people

The Escanaba Mill employs approximately 830 people.

730,000 tons

The Escanaba Mill has the capacity to produce approximately 730,000 tons of paper per year. The mill produces graphic papers used in commercial printing, media and marketing applications, including magazines, catalogs, books, direct mail, corporate collateral and specialty papers used in label and converting applications.

2,000 acres

The Escanaba Mill’s 2,000-acre site has a kraft pulp mill, a refiner mechanical pulp mill, three paper machines, a pulp dryer, three off-machine blade coaters, six supercalenders and six winders.

Quinnesec Mill


The Quinnesec Mill is located in the southeast corner of Dickinson County, bordered by the towns of Iron Mountain, Kingsford and Norway with the Menominee River to the south. Established in 1985, the Quinnesec Mill was initially started to produce pulp and began making paper in 1990.


The Quinnesec Mill has continued to thrive as the economic anchor of Dickinson County for more than three decades. Since 2001, the mill has been certified as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Star facility under the Michigan Voluntary Protection Program (MVPP). The MVPP Star award is the state’s highest recognition for workplace safety programs and performance.

420 people

The Quinnesec Mill employs approximately 420 people.

670,000 tons

The Quinnesec Mill has the capacity to produce approximately 430,000 tons of graphic paper per year used primarily in marketing applications, including magazines, catalogs, books and commercial printing. The mill also produces 240,000 tons of Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft (NBHK) pulp used in printing, writing, specialty and packaging paper, facial and toilet tissue, and paper towels.

2,200 acres

The Quinnesec Mill encompasses 2,200 acres and has one paper machine and a pulp dryer. Quinnesec is a fully integrated mill, producing its own wood chips, pulp and power.

Wisconsin Rapids Converting Facility


When you visit the Wisconsin Rapids Converting Facility, you’re at the center of Wisconsin and at the heart of a vibrant downtown. Within blocks of the facility along the Wisconsin River are the city’s primary shopping district and a variety of restaurants, pubs, grills and other popular gathering places.


The Wisconsin Rapids Converting Facility began sheeting operations in 1974.

110 people

The converting facility employs approximately 110 people.

370,000 tons

The Wisconsin Rapids Converting Facility converts rolls of paper made at our Michigan mills into folio and digital sheets and has the capacity to sheet 370,000 tons of paper annually. The facility has seven state of the art sheeters, material handling equipment and a warehouse for storing inventory.

470,000 square feet

The converting facility encompasses approximately 470,000 square feet and includes seven folio and digital sheeters, one offline carton packing machine, an automated skid wrapping system, two nine-story automated vertical storage facilities with the capacity to warehouse more than 34,000 tons of inventory, and an automated paper storage and transport system.